Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

Microsoft MD-100 Windows 10

Course Microsoft MD-100 Windows 10 for Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

Course Format: online instructor lead training in a virtual class room

Language: Bulgarian (English optional)

Course Files: digital format, price included in the course

Lab environment: individual lab env. for each student.

Course Duration40 learning hours online training (theory and practice).

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Deploy Windows

Deploy Windows 10

Configure language packs; migrate user data; perform a clean installation; perform an in-place upgrade (using tools such as MDT, WDS, ADK, etc.); select the appropriate Windows edition; troubleshoot activation issues

Perform post-installation configuration

Configure Edge and Internet Explorer; configure mobility settings; configure sign-in options; customize the Windows desktop

Manage Devices and Data

Manage local users, local groups, and devices

Manage devices in directories; manage local groups; manage local users

Configure data access and protection

Configure NTFS permissions; configure shared permissions

Configure devices by using local policies

Configure local registry; implement local policy; troubleshoot group policies on devices

Manage Windows security

Configure user account control (UAC); configure Windows Defender Firewall; implement encryption

Configure Connectivity

Configure networking

Configure client IP settings; configure mobile networking; configure VPN client; troubleshoot networking; configure Wi-Fi profiles

Configure remote connectivity

Configure remote management; enable PowerShell Remoting; configure remote desktop access

Maintain Windows

Configure system and data recovery

Perform file recovery (including OneDrive); recover Windows 10; troubleshoot startup/boot process

Manage updates

Check for updates; troubleshoot updates; validate and test updates; select the appropriate servicing channel; configure Windows update options

Monitor and manage Windows

Configure and analyze event logs; manage performance; manage Windows 10 environment