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Take 2 Re-sit Exam Option

Your second chance at certification

Taking an exam means you invest in time, energy and money. Wouldn’t you like to sit your exam knowing that if the outcome is not what you expected, you could have another shot, at a fraction of the exam price? We propose Take2 re-sit exam option, that becomes available to you exclusively through Online Proctoring, in the case of an unsuccessful result. Takeoffers you:

  • Peace of mindGives you the chance to retake a demanding exam, futureproofing your chances against any unexpected setbacks
  • Plenty of time to prepareGives you up to 6 months from the date of the initial exam, ensuring that you have all the time you need to get ready
  • An affordable solutionAllows you to retake an unsuccessful exam at a fixed, attractive rate, at a fraction of the cost, without having to purchase it again at full price
  • ConvenienceAllows you to schedule the re-sit exam when it best suits your schedule and take it from the comfort of your home or office

How to purchase the re-sit exam option

  • Through a Training OrganisationTake2 re-sit exam option can be added directly to your exam from a PeopleCert Accredited Training Organisation upon the assignment of a classroom or online exam. Following your exam registration make sure to check that Take2 is enabled in your PeopleCert Candidate Profile, before sitting the exam. If it’s not, then you can sign in and add it yourself!
  • In your shopping cartWhile buying the initial exam simply make sure to add the Take2 re-sit option for the exam of your choice in your Shopping cart during the checkout process.
  • From your Candidate ProfileIn case you forgot to purchase Take2, you have nothing to worry about! Just remember to add it for the exam of your choice through your PeopleCert Candidate Profile, up to 15 minutes before sitting the exam.

Arrange your re-sit exam

If you have purchased Take2 and an unsuccessful outcome occurs for your initial exam, then the re-sit option it is enabled. When your official exam results become available, you are notified by e-mail to schedule your re-sit exam. It will be conducted through online proctoring offering you flexibility to take it from your home or office, at the time of your convenience. You have up to 6 months to prepare and take your re-sit exam from the date of your initial exam.

Now that Take2 is available, focus on what matters the most…your preparation!

Take2 is an add-on service that becomes available only when the initial exam linked to it has a “fail” result. Take2 is not transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit, even if it isn’t eventually used. Candidates must schedule and take the re-sit exam within 6 months from the date of their initial exam. Take2 is exam-specific; it cannot be used for any other offering and is valid only for the exam originally purchased. Failing to show up for a Take2 exam appointment or not rescheduling the appointment prior to their scheduled appointment forfeits candidates’ ability to use the Take2 generated voucher.It can only be purchased up to 15 minutes before sitting an examination. Take2 is not available for purchase after a failed exam.