MO-400 – Microsoft Outlook (Outlook and Outlook 2019)

MO-400 – Microsoft Outlook (Outlook and Outlook 2019)

Fulfills the requirement for: Microsoft Office Specialist: Word Associate (Word and Word 2019)

Prerequisite for: Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate and Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert

Course Summary:

Manage Outlook settings and processes
Customize Outlook settings
 change the display of messages, calendar items, contact records, and tasks
 add accounts
 configure automatic replies
Configure mail settings
 specify default fonts for new messages and responses
 customize reply message settings
 create, assign, and modify signatures
Perform search operations
 create search folders
 search for messages, calendar items, contacts, and tasks
 search by using advanced find
Print and save information
 print message, calendar, contact, and task information
 save message attachments
 preview message attachments
 save messages in alternative formats
Manage messages
Create messages
 add or remove message attachments
 designate recipients by using courtesy copy (CC) and blind courtesy copy (BCC)
 use @mention to get someone’s attention
 forward and reply to messages
 flag outgoing messages for follow up
 set the importance and sensitivity of outgoing messages
Insert message content
 insert hyperlinks
 insert images
 add signatures to individual messages
Organize and manage messages
 sort messages
 create folders
 move messages between folders
 categorize messages
 flag received messages
 ignore conversations
 change the display of messages
Manage schedules
Create and manage calendars
 set calendar work times
 manage multiple calendars
Create appointments, meetings and events
 create recurring calendar items
 cancel meetings
 create calendar items from messages
 set calendar item times and time zones
 set up meetings by using the scheduling assistant
 set availability for calendar items
Organize and manage appointments, meetings, and events
 forward calendar items
 configure reminders
 invite meeting participants
 respond to invitations
 update individual or recurring calendar items
Manage contacts and tasks
Create and manage contact records
 import contacts from external sources
 edit contact information
 share contacts
Create and manage contact groups
 create and delete contact groups
 add contacts to existing contact groups
 update contacts within contact groups
 delete contact group members
Create and manage tasks
 Create and manage tasks

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Курсът Включва

  •  2 работни дни или 16 уч.ч. обучение в извънработно време
  •  4 модула
  • 3 и повече учебни ресурса
  •  Доживотен достъп
  • Език: Български или Английски
  • Certificate of Completion