MO-500 – Microsoft Access Expert (Access and Access 2019)

MO-500 – Microsoft Access Expert (Access and Access 2019)

Manage databases
Modify database structure
 import objects or data from other sources
 delete database objects
 hide and display objects in the Navigation Pane
Manage table relationships and keys
 understand relationships
 display relationships
 set primary keys
 enforce referential integrity
 set foreign keys
Print and export data
 configure print options for records, forms, and reports
 export objects to alternative formats
Create and modify tables
Create tables
 import data into tables
 create linked tables from external sources
 import tables from other databases
Manage tables
 hide fields in tables
 add total rows
 add table descriptions
Manage table records
 find and replace data
 sort records
 filter records
Create and modify fields
 add and remove fields
 add validation rules to fields
 change field captions
 change field sizes
 change field data types
 configure fields to auto-increment
 set default values
 apply built-in input masks
Create and modify queries
Create and run queries
 create simple queries
 create basic crosstab queries
 create basic parameter queries
 create basic action queries
 create basic multi-table queries
 save queries
 run queries
Modify queries
 add, hide, and remove fields in queries
 sort data within queries
 filter data within queries
 format fields within queries
Modify forms in layout view
Configure form controls
 add, move, and remove form controls
 set form control properties
 add and modify form labels
Format forms
 modify tab order on forms
 sort records by form field
 modify form positioning
 insert information in form headers and footers
 insert images on forms
Modify reports in layout view
Configure report controls
 group and sort fields on reports
 add report controls
 add and modify labels on reports
Format reports
 format a report into multiple columns
 modify report positioning
 format report elements
 change report orientation
 insert information in report headers and footers
 insert images on reports

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