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Program Information
The Linux Professional Institute Employment Program, hereinafter referred to as the Program, is designed to provide development opportunities for approved Linux Professional Institute (LPI) students and partners, hereinafter referred to as Partners.
The aim of the Program is to give access to certification and employment opportunities to applicants wishing to administer Linux professionally. LPI strives to minimize financial barriers through its global partner network and to support local efforts to build a community with high knowledge and skills.
Education and certification offer a proven path to an IT career everywhere, including in developing economies where the cost of participation can be prohibitive for many. The LPI is aware of these challenges and seeks to help applicants facing obstacles in financing their vocational training and certification objectives.
Through the Programme, the Partners provide the appropriate applicants with training and certification examination, which are free of charge. When trainees receive their certificate, the LPI Partner can assist in finding a job if there is currently such an opportunity.
IT-TRAINING. PRO is an official partner of the Linux Professional Institute. In the following lines you can get acquainted with the application conditions.

Suitable candidates
Applicants must demonstrate the need for financial and educational support – unemployed applicants; applicants who wish to retrain; applicants who can demonstrate that they need this support.

Coverage of vouchers for free training and certification
If the certificate requires more than one exam, vouchers will be offered for each compulsory exam.
Vouchers will be provided to each applicant for the first exam and for the first re-entry

Approved candidates
If you are approved to participate in the Program, the IT-TRAINING commission. PRO will contact you.
Make sure that the data you enter in the Application Form is correctly entered.
IT-TRAINING.PRO is not responsible for mis-entered data.
If the team IT-TRAINING.PRO not be able to contact the candidate, his or her candidacy shall lapse.

Prior to the start of the training
LPI requires data on applicants before the start of training.
Approved applicants will receive a formal letter of guidance.
Retrieving this data will allow LPI to learn more about applicants and their progress and measure the success of the program.
More information about the program can be found on the official Linux Professional Institute website

After completion of the training
The participants in the training will fill out two questionnaires (3 months after the completion of the course and after 1 year) related to their realization after the acquired skills.Once candidates are trained and certified, they can choose to share their stories on LPI Blog.

Candidate data
The data of the applicants will be considered in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of IT-TRAINING.PRO
The data will only be shared with Linux Professional Institute for feedback on learning and improving the Program.
Any applicant participating in the program must adopt the LPI Code of Conduct, which they will find on the registration form.
Any applicant who is approved to participate in the Program confirms that they agree to contact an LPI representative.
All LPI programs suggest the highest level of professionalism and ethical behavior. Violation of the LPI Code of Conduct during participation in the Program will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination of training. The decisions taken by the Administrators of the Programme shall be final.

Application form