RH124 – Red Hat System Administration I

RH124 – Red Hat System Administration I

Red Hat

RH124 – Red Hat System Administration I

За Курса (About this Course):

    • The first of two courses covering the core system administration tasks needed to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers

      Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) equips you with Linux® administration “survival skills” by focusing on foundational Linux concepts and core tasks. You will learn how to apply command-line concepts and enterprise-level tools, starting you on your journey toward becoming a full-time Linux system administrator. This path continues with the follow-on course, Red Hat System Administration II (RH134).

      This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 8.2.

Цели – Какво ще научите (Course Goals/Skills Gained):

  • Introduction to the command line
  • Managing physical storage
  • Install and configure software components and services
  • Establish network connections and control firewall restrictions
  • Monitor and manage running processes
  • Manage and secure files and file systems
  • Administer users and groups
  • Review the system log files and journal for issues
  • Troubleshoot problems and analyze systems with Red Hat Insights
  • Remotely manage systems with SSH and the Web Console

Курсът е предназначен за (Audience):

  • This course is geared toward Windows system administrators, network administrators, and other system administrators who are interested in supplementing current skills or backstopping other team members, in addition to Linux system administrators who are responsible for these tasks:
    • Configuring, installing, upgrading, and maintaining Linux systems using established standards and procedures
    • Providing operational support
    • Managing systems for monitoring system performance and availability
    • Writing and deploying scripts for task automation and system administration

Формат на курса

Присъствен Курс

Онлайн (Live) Отдалечен


Език на курса: български (английски е наличен като опция)

Учебни Метериали: в електронен формат (Учебните материали са на английски), включени в цената с неограничен достъп.

Лабораторна среда: всеки курсист разполага със собствена лаб среда, където се провеждат упражненията, част от курса.

Видео Архив (24/7)


Сертификат за Завършен Курс


  • 5 работен дни (09:00 – 17:00)


  • 40 уч.ч. обучение (теория и практика) в извънработно време с продължителност 3 седмици
  • събота и неделя 10:00 – 14:00, 14:00 – 18:00, 18:00 – 22:00
  • понеделник и сряда 19:00 – 23:00
  • вторник и четвъртък 19:00 – 23:00


Заявка за издаване на фактура се приема към момента на записването на съответния курс.

Фактура се издава в рамките на 7 дни от потвърждаване на плащането.

Предстоящи Курсове

За повече информация използвайте формата за контакт.

Ще се свържем с Вас за потвърждаване на датите.

Предпоставки (Изисквания) за Участие (Prerequisites):

          • Basic technical user skills with computer applications on some operating systems are expected.

Курсът подготвя за следните сертификационни нива


Course Curriculum

  • Resources
  • Get started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Describe and define open source, Linux distributions, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    No items in this section
  • Access the command line

    Log into a Linux system and run simple commands using the shell.

  • Manage files from the command line

    Copy, move, create, delete, and organize files while working from the bash shell.

  • Create, view, and edit text files

    Manage text files from command output or in a text editor.

  • Manage local users and groups

    Create, manage, and delete local users and groups, as well as administer local password policies.

  • Control access to files

    Set Linux file system permissions on files and interpret the security effects of different permission settings.

  • Monitor and manage Linux processes

    Evaluate and control processes running on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

  • Control services and daemons

    Control and monitor network services and system daemons using systemd.

  • Configure and secure SSH

    Configure secure command line service on remote systems, using OpenSSH.

  • Analyze and store logs

    Locate and accurately interpret logs of system events for troubleshooting purposes.

  • Manage networking

    Configure network interfaces and settings on Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.

  • Archive and transfer files

    Archive and copy files from one system to another.

  • Install and update software

    Download, install, update, and manage software packages from Red Hat and yum package repositories.

  • Access Linux files systems

    Access, inspect, and use existing file systems on storage attached to a Linux server.

  • Analyze servers and get support

    Investigate and resolve issues in the web-based management interface, getting support from Red Hat to help solve problems.

  • Comprehensive review

    Review the content covered in this course by completing hands-on exercises.

  • Course Archive
    No items in this section


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