About TickITplus

TickITplus is the successor to the TickIT ‘sector scheme’ which was introduced in the early 1990’s to encourage greater focus on quality within the IT industry.  The new scheme has been developed by members of the Joint TickIT Industry Steering Committee.

The committee, comprising representatives from a cross section of the IT industry and other IT interest groups, was established in 2006 under the British Standards Institute’s Standards Policy and Strategy committee; with prime responsibility for standardization, international harmonization, certification, accreditation for the IT industry.

T+ Implementation Notes about the Capability Level concept.


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Register as a TickITplus Practitioner or Assessor

Re-Registration for TickITplus Assessors and Practitioners

The 8 TickITplus Scope Profiles

TickITplus defines 8 scope profiles that an organisation can select from that match against the activities performed by the organisation. An organisation must select at least one scope profile but may select more than one if they provide a broad range of activities. The scope profiles then define what TickITplus processes the organisation must demonstrate as being implemented. The 8 scope profiles are defined in Appendix C of the CSR and cover:

  1. Information Management and Security
  2. Service Management
  3. Systems and Software Development and Support
  4. Project and Programme Management
  5. Corporate Strategy Planning and Management
  6. Legal and Compliance
  7. Product Validation, Quality and Measurement
  8. IT Systems Engineering and Infrastructure


Requirements for Assessors & Practitioners

This free document provides the requirements that need to be met in order to deliver accredited TickITplus training courses. It also specifies the requirements for the independent examination of TickITplus Assessors and Practitioners.

Topics covered include:

  • the content, selection and monitoring of training courses and their providers
  • covers also the grading and registration of auditors and practitioners
  • auditor assessment and registration
  • raining course criteria, assessment and monitoring.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of training courses
  • Training course administration
  • Course provider staff
  • Accreditation of training courses and providers
  • Training course examinations
  • Appendices.

Format availability:

The Requirements for Training and Examinations is supplied in a format optimized for online viewing. The product is available in hardcopy format but the user should be aware that this printed copy will be produced from the online version.

To facilitate a quick overview of required core competencies for Assessors and Practitioners, appendices A (Syllabus Foundation course) and D (Examination requirements) are available separately.

Download appendix A (Syllabus Foundation course)
Download appendix D (Examination requirements)
Download Requirements for Assessors and Practitioners

Skill Requirements for TickITplus Registration

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